Air Games '84 (Single)

by Beckett

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Air Games ’84: Like the films ‘Rollerball’ and ‘The Running Man’ in the not so distant future, sport has stepped up a level, and now, the Air Games League of 2084, fuses Football and Jetpacks into one, bigger, better, beautiful game. Inspired by awesome games like ‘Track and Field’ and ‘Ski or Die’ to the uplifting ‘go for glory’ attitude of film soundtracks throughout the 80’s, ‘Air Games ’84’ is an anthem for the latest sport to sweep Mars.

Beach Central: Miami Vice, OutRun and Rad Racer have a lot to answer for. Inspired by these offerings of the 80s, this track pays homage to the soundtracks of putting the roof down, feeling the breeze and reaching those check points!

Retro Promenade Presents
Beckett - Air Games '84

An exclusive RP-only Double Feature Single Release

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Featuring a bonus Victory Lap by Who Ha
Inspired by Becket's 'Air Games '84'
Heroes of mars
The future is yours
Go for the gold
Go for glory


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit


released November 3, 2015


Personal Note from Beckett:
“Over the past 2 years, the promotion and development of myself as an artist has been a gratifying step in my career. Along the journey I have found others of great support and drive, that’s why I am exclusively launching my double feature single through Retro Promenade. Not only has Retro Promenade supported Beckett, but hundreds of other musicians and artists, all working towards sharing each other’s passion and forging the ‘Retro Synth / Synthwave’ community. Mike Mendoza's Retro Promenade brand has the creativity, drive and vision to keep us all loving the scene and art for years to come.”

These two tracks will be featured on Beckett's upcoming 'Retrograde' full length album.

The soundtracks to games, films and life of the 1980s are the pinnacle of high calibre design and infectious listening. Who doesn’t love the intros to those cartoons, or the driving rhythms of TV cop shows, right through to the ‘Keep The Dream’ spirit of the action films that have shaped generations… mine, yours and still it continues.

Retrograde is a collection of tracks that have manifested themselves from thousands of hours gaming, or viewing, each minute becoming more and more enriched by the influence. The hope is you will hear, and you will remember a time, it’s not the exact time you know of, but the recall and connection should feel familiar.

Album release in Nov 2015.

by Beckett
(Beach Central artwork can be seen by clicking on the individual track link)

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Special Thanks to Rick Shithouse (, Marko Maric (Synthetix Sundays), Andy Last (Beyond Synth), Silent Gloves (




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