Time Slap Podcast Trailers - Season 1

by Retro Promenade

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We take your suggested tweets (when we ask for them) of made up title and subtitle that would fit an awesome 80s/90s movie and concoct a deliciously ridiculous cocktail of pure fun based on the title and subtitle over the course of each episode. At the end of each episode we discuss “trailer talk” in which we come up with key lines and narrations for what you would hear in an actual trailer for the movie we just spent an hour coming up with. The key lines are then extracted carefully edited with/to epic trailer music for you to get your listening jollies. You know you wanna get ‘em.

Submit your made up 80s/90s title with the format Title: Subtitle with the tag #timeslap to @retropromenade
Stay tuned for the call for titles, subscribe to @RetroPromenade on twitter or follow the Protector 101, Who Ha, Beyond Synth pages on facebook. Follow us to be on the cutting edge of when future Time Slap trailers and episodes will be released

- The idea of putting the trailers on bandcamp is to raise funds for web hosting and potentially getting the whole episodes up on soundcloud; so now you can support your new favorite podcast! (cool note: there will also be future physical merchandise in the near future...)

Episode 1 - The Chrome: Warrior Vendetta
Trailer Released 5/26/14
Tune in to the very first episode of Time Slap to hear how we somehow managed to connect Ninja Clubs, Donald Sutherland, and the element Chrome into one blockbuster action packed movie pitch!
Download the full episode at retropromenade.com/time-slap-1-the-chrome-warrior-vendetta/


released May 26, 2014


Podcast Hosted by Mike Mendoza (Who Ha), with Andy Last (Beyond Synth Podcast), Jake Freeman (Protector 101), & Christian Garzaro (CG)

Trailers prepared and edited by Who Ha // Mike Mendoza

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